Want to work together? Or just have a question? Send me an email at hello@monalogue.co.uk.

How can we work together?

Sponsored Posts or Ads

If your product or brand is a good fit with my Instagram or blog, I will consider making sponsored posts. Feel free to email to discuss my rates, reach and stats.

Content Curation

As well as making my own social media content, I create content on behalf of other brands whose interests are in line with my own. From Instagram photography to blog posts, feel free to get in touch to discuss rates and requirements.


I am also available to work as a photographer, primarily around food. I have photographed harvests, farms, eateries, recipes and shops. I will be happy to discuss your requirements via email.

When not to get in touch…

If you want me to work for free, do not get in touch. This includes creating content in exchange for trying a product or service. Content curation is my job, and the time involved in maintaining my blog and social media accounts far exceeds that of a 9-5. Just like anyone else, I can’t work for free.