Cotswolds in the Snow

For the first time in a long time we were blessed with snow in England. I must have taken hundreds of photos in excitement. As my Instagram feed has become excessively curated in the last few months (for better or worse), it’s meant that I’ve only been able to share a few on my feed. I thought I’d put together a collection of my favourites here.


Our friend Andrea was visiting from Italy, and we’d agreed to drive her around the Cotswolds. She made a list of pretty villages the night before, and it had snowed in the night unexpectedly. Stanton was at the top of her list.


Although Broadway wasn’t on our friend’s list of places to visit, I convinced her to add it anyway. We headed to Broadway tower, but moved on straight after as we were running out of light. I really regret not going to the village as well.


I don’t actually like Stow-on-the-Wold all that much because there’s a massive car park in the middle, but we did stop for a quick look around before the sun went down.

Castle Combe

We headed to Castle Combe as soon as I woke up on the first snow day. It’s less than an hour away from my house and is one of my favourite places. It was also the first time our puppy, Eppie, had seen snow. She loved it as much as we did.


My friend Fritha and I were out taking photos for one of her Instagram campaigns when we accidentally stumbled across this beautiful little village in Cirencester. Look at those houses! It’s like The Holiday but in real life.

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Magic <3


Stunning photos! I wish we’d got snow like this where I live, it seemed to skip the midlands entirely.


I spent Christmas with friends in a tiny village outside Cirencester. It really was gorgeous and magical! x


Oh, these photos are too much! I live right next to the Cotswolds and don’t appreciate it enough! You’ve inspired me!

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