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This post is brought to you in collaboration with So Shape. As always, all opinions are my own.

When visiting a new city to take photographs, I typically walk for 16km+/day. I am also pretty bad at preparing snacks in advance. I usually pack cereal bars that are full of sugar and leave me feeling tired. Basically, I am no stranger to feeling hangry.

I was invited to try So Shape smart meals, to celebrate their launch in the UK. The smart meals are well-balanced and nutrient-rich meals, that are ready in an instant. They’re vegetarian, and free from GMOs and preservatives.

You can use them in a few different ways. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can swap two regular meals in your day for two smart meals, with the number of days determining how much you want to lose. You can also use them as snacks or supplements in an active or busy lifestyle. I float around the middle of a healthy weight range, so I will be trying them out as supplements to keep me fuelled on long photo walks.

To prepare a smart meal, you fill the shaker with water, add the powder and shake. Some of the savoury meals (mains and soups) need to be mixed with hot water and heated in a microwave. As I was trying them whilst out and about, I packed sweet flavours and mixed them with cold water.

We ventured out for a walk and took a mint chocolate chip smart meal – it tastes just like a mint chocolate ice cream, except it’s good for you. Hurrah. Because of the high protein content, the smart meals also keep you from feeling hungry (and hangry for me).

My favourites are mint chocolate chip, sea salt caramel and chocolate brownie. If you’d like to try them, you can use code ‘CUSTOMONALOGUE’ to receive twice as many flavours on 14 and 28 day challenges. Head to the So Shape website to find out more.

So Shape Smart Meals Review

So Shape Smart Meals Review

So Shape Smart Meals Review



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