Our Stay in The Saltbox, Elmley Nature Reserve

You know something is good when a blog post is written for no incentive what-so-ever. That’s exactly what this is. My family gave Aaron and I a Canopy and Stars voucher for Christmas last year. It didn’t take us long to decide we wanted to visit The Saltbox at Elmley Nature Reserve. At that point I had never visited Kent before, and had a long list of places to see. I may have gotten impatient in the time between and visited Kent early. In hindsight, I think that was a blessing because it meant more time for Elmley.

Elmley Nature Reserve

Canopy and Stars

Elmley Nature Reserve is on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. It’s open to the public between 9-5, though you can enjoy it at any hour when staying at The Saltbox. The reserve is looked after by a family with a pretty awesome ethos – ‘sustainability is at the heart of everything we do’. The Saltbox is therefore built from natural materials and eco-friendly insulation, and the neighbouring farm is powered by renewable energy. I wish we could always live this way!

The winner, though, is a super-comfy bed overlooking the nature reserve. We were blessed with three beautiful sunny days in Elmley, so we opened up the windows opposite the bed and just observed.

Canopy and Stars Hut at Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent

The Saltbox at Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent

Canopy and Stars's The Saltbox at Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent

Aaron Gibson
A portrait of Aaron, just because I love him.


One of the most refreshing things about staying in The Saltbox, Elmley, is being surrounded by wildlife. On driving to the Saltbox for the first time, we were greeted by a number of birds (including an owl), and the tamest hares I’ve ever seen.

Hares at Elmley Nature Reserve, Sheppey

Wildlife at Elmley Nature Reserve, Sheppey

Things to do…

The best thing to do when staying in Elmley Nature Reserve is absolutely nothing. Sit outside and listen to birdsong, watch the sunset, curl up in the hammock with a book etc etc. If, like me, you get a little jittery from too much nothingness, there are plenty of nearby things to do. Because I visited Kent last month, I had already exhausted most of my South East bucket list. This was quickly resolved by reaching out to the people of Instagram, who provided me with a new bucket list. As usual, we visited so many sights that it merits a whole second blog post – head to my Summer Things to Do in Kent post for more.

The White Cliffs of Dover, Kent


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Amazing place <3


I love those wildlife photos!

Thanks so much! It’s not something I have experience with but was so fun to try ☺️

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