Vegan Hair Dye: Daniel Field

This isn’t a sponsored post. This year I’ve been making as many changes as I can to be kinder to the world, and want to share success stories in the hope others will want to make some changes too.

I’ve been colouring my hair for about 9 years (I’m only 22!). Most of these times have been at home. I’ve had colour go wrong, hair fall out, and even had to cut my hair to 2 inches short after a bleach disaster. Some of these have been in the hairdressers too. I’m currently trying to go from bleached silver to my natural colour – ash brown. At the moment, this is the colour of my hair:
A few months ago I had it ‘repigged’ and toned in Toni & Guy for a small fortune. It was a lovely glossy brown but now has started to fade to dark blonde. Time to do something.
Hair dye typically destroys both hair and the environment with nasty chemicals. I honestly don’t know why we do it. In a bid to break the cycle, I hit up Google and found what I thought to be the most promising product: Daniel Field. (With a name like that, how could you not be environmentally friendly!)
It came in a pretty packet, and the size of the actual dye is oh sooo cute.
You mix the little bottle of natural colour with water and shake. It feels like painting! My one and only criticism of the product is that it’s a foam. I find foam dyes are harder to get even coverage. So if, like me, you have thick hair longer than your shoulders, invest in two packets.
After coating my head in brown foam, I wrapped it in a cover and sat below a hair dryer for 40 minutes (heat helps the dye to take). After a quick condition, here is the result!
Aside from the fact that I look borderline emo, I am a happy bunny! My hair is happy and healthy and the world hasn’t suffered as a result. Zero damage and zero staining of the skin. I didn’t actually bother to wipe the excess dye from my skin, so good job Daniel Field.
The one thing I am wondering is how long this dye will last. Should it stay well, I would recommend this dye over ANY alternative. Just make sure you buy a couple of packets if you have a lot of hair (mine got a bit patchy at the back through my own negligence). So watch this space. Hope I can influence a few people to be kinder to both their hair and the world 🙂
Should you wish to try the dye yourself, you can pick up a packet from their website, eBay or Amazon for less than £10. Just search Daniel Field dye. I used the colour ash brown.

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